Planning Resources for Live Events

A Brief Planning Guide for Your Next In-Person Event

Consider Your Budget

  • Do you know what your budget is? 
  • Do you know how much to estimate for each aspect of your event?
  • Are you looking to obtain sponsors?

Choose Your Date(s) Carefully

Do your dates conflict with a major University event(s) such as Orange Central or Commencement, for example? Have you checked the Academic Calendar and the Events Calendar?

Not sure? Visit the University Events Calendar and Academic Calendar to see what events will be happening on campus and within our academic units. 

Reserve Your Campus Space

Reserve spaces using the Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS) online request form. Some classroom and event spaces are only available to be reserved through the individual school/college building managers, or the Office of the Registrar.

Campus Catering

Order food and beverage with Campus Catering. Even if you are unsure of your exact food and beverage needs, please be sure to contact Catering to let them know of your event and ensure they will be able to provide service.

Remember! Food or beverage served in any campus space must be provided by either Campus Catering or an approved vendor. 

Event Supplies and Logistics

Order registration tables, chairs, custodial cleaning and other equipment for your meeting space(s). Dependent on your event location, check with the venue facilitator to see what can be provided for the space and what you will need to order through external vendors.

Arrange Your Audio-Visual and Technical Needs

Request an LCD projector, a microphone or other audio-visual needs by using the Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP) request form.

Not sure? Imagine that your meeting space is a blank slate - even though media equipment may exist in a room does not mean that it will be available and unlocked for your event. Are you planning to use equipment that is already installed in a classroom, show a PowerPoint or videoe, or speak in a room that requires a microphone? Then you will need to place an order with the venue contact, LEMP or an external vendor.

Make Your Event Inclusive and Accessible

It is imperative to follow the guidelines for an inclusive and compliant event. For a comprehensive checklist to ensure you are following all guidelines for attendees, please see the Inclusive Event Planning Checklist. For more information and guidance regarding accessibility, see Common Resources for Accessibility

​Advertise Your Event!

Register your event with the University Event Calendar.